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... as most men do, shoes were always shined, just the way a woman likes, shirts starched and nails manicured, … and as I looked closer, I noticed how blue his eyes were, the kind I might want to get lost in. He had perfect, full, kissing lips. Wow- I already had my want to be real, fantasty in ‘full steam ahead,’ motion.

Womens buttHe was on a call, very animated as he spoke, pushed himself away from his desk, giving me a better view, while sitting in his chair, legs bent at the knees, spread apart, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, as if trying to make a point to whoever he was talking to.

At that moment, something clicked inside of me, and he became more than that ‘funny guy’ I worked with. I felt myself responding to the passion he was pouring into the phone, actually getting a bit jealous, wishing I was the caller.

Everything and anything he was saying, began to turn me on. How did this happen, and why now in the middle of the office?

I felt my heart speed up a bit, I tried at first to ignore what was happening to me, by keeping it under control. I felt my skirt getting tighter, and knew it had to be from shifting positions in my chair so many times.

Turning away from him, was no use. My palms were starting to sweat, I started picturing what he would look like on top of me. At this point, I tried to move my chair a little closer to his, so that I could hear the conversation, and I turned my chair towards him, while still working on what was on my desk.

I started to get excited, knowing that I had the potential to turn this around, and get him as aroused as I was.

Women Laying downI knew how good I was at getting a man stirred up, and the feeling was spreading all over me, as I thought about different techniques that I might use to tease him. I love teasing a man. Especially a smart man! It’s exhilarating to see what reaction I might get, and how long I can keep him in a mini- frenzy!

I allowed my skirt to ride high on my thighs, I lifted one high-heeled leg slowly to cross over the other, leaving just enough time to see if he might notice.

The first time, he slightly turned his head in my direction, while he kept driving that message home, to the recipient on the phone. Noticing he noticed, I uncrossed and crossed the other high-heeled leg over the original. This time a bit more slowly, to give him time to see what might be under my skirt. I’ve always wondered if men knew that sometimes we do wear panties and sometimes we don’t…

With the next crossing, and uncrossing, of my legs, I’d got him bothered. I giggled to myself! He was blatantly staring at my legs, and had stopped talking. I heard him stumble, and say a lot of, “uh-huh’s’, nodding his head, and then he hung up.

I looked in his direction, he was fully facing me while sitting in his chair, still leaning on his elbows, took his hand and ran it through his hair, with his head down, looked up at me again, and must have seen the heat in my eyes, because with a half smile, he said, while in a very authoritative voice “Let’s go make this happen.” Not a word, did I utter. None was needed.

He had no idea, how much I was getting off on this, even at that point, just knowing that I had that power to be
able to stop him in mid-stream and want me, was a very heady feeling. Everything was on fire, except my mouth,
which was dry, with anticipation of what might happen next! Would he be a good kisser, how would he touch me… would he grab me and let me know he’s boss?

I didn’t have much time to think, because he stood up, crossed into my office, held out his hand, and I took it- no questions asked, and discreetly followed him out of my office, down another hallway and after looking both ways, we walked into an unoccupied, windowless, conference room. He turned the lights off, and locked the door, so no one would know we were inside, but there was enough light in the room to allow us to see each other’s expressions, both a little surprised that we’d never traveled this path before. He leaned down and kissed me gently the first time. I immediately responded, and his kisses became more passionate and very arousing.

Women in JeansI was nervous that we’d get caught! What if someone tried to come in or shook the knob? No sooner had I thought it, someone did! He covered my mouth with his hand, and said, “Shhh….” as his other hand traveled down the inside of the front of my shirt, making me crazy.. Eventually the person left, and took his hand away from my mouth and let it travel inside my shirt, bra, feeling caressing. He was amazing, and I couldn’t figure out, how I’d never thought about wanting him in the first place!

He whispered in my ear, that he’d had his eye on me for a long time, and that this was way overdue. I just moaned, as he encouraged me to put my head back so he could kiss my neck. It’s all I could do to keep my sanity.

He slowly lifted up my dress, pulled it over my head, and dropped it on the ground, picked me up and set me down on the shiny, cold, conference table.

He stood in front of me, staring at me, from my high heels, to my thigh-top stockings, noticed my black, bikini panties pulling tight against me, and my nipples pushing hard against my bra, and was frozen in place for a moment, but not for long. The look of hunger and the licking of his lips as he undressed the rest of me with his eyes, was enough to unnerve me. He undid the back of my bra, took it off, and I never felt more free!

I wondered if he knew what was racing through my mind as his mouth found me again, sucking on one… then two. Shivers, that’s what I was feeling… I never wanted him to stop, it was as if we were connected and meant to be. As I pulled down my panties, his mouth found me again. Going through my mind, as my heels dug in to the table, was “don’t stop!” He made me feel delicious! I was without a doubt the ‘main course!’

Green TopsHe pulled away, and caught his breath, pulled off his jacket and allowed me to drop my legs, sit up, and undo his pants, while we quickly traded places. I was now standing in front of him, and he was leaning against the conference table. Dropping to my knees, looking up at him while tasting him, watching his head drop back, heavily breathing through his open mouth, I wondered if he knew that I’d never known how delicious a man could taste. He wanted me to stop, but I honestly wanted to continue forever, not knowing if I could ever stand to be separated, body from body. I couldn’t understand how any woman could not enjoy this part of sex.

Over the next few weeks, things got a bit more risqué and dangerous, as we moved from the office and a conference table, to using different gadgets and sexual enhancements in other sneak-away places, including a very high-end lingerie store’s dressing room, during our lunch break!

I love the fact that you’ll be joining me, in another one of these episodes, because it makes me hot to know you’re reading this. You have that magic that I look for in a man. It takes someone special to bring out the woman in me. I love when a man takes control.

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