Being Very Hot, Very Wicked is So Much Fun!!!

Showing PantiesIf you'd like my monthly story, ...have no doubt- it would certainly turn me on! I guess it's the ‘exhibitionist’ in me,... that loves to share with you! I have so much fun doing this, especially knowing that you enjoy it too!

I like to leave a lot to your imagination. What stirs inside your head, while I talk with you, is what allows me to be creative and feel you, so that I can do this with you again.

To tell you this story, was my pleasure! It's incredible to feel you get caught up in one of my ‘real-life’ fantasies!

Next time, I might tell you about a different guy, … or girl. The fact that I’m able to finally tell someone about them, is extremely tantalizing! It’s a tremendous turn-on for me, to know that you’ll want to come back to hear what I have to say next!

A man that wants to be involved in my fantasy, and feels it’s worth the investment of his time…

I'm Very Hot, Very Wicked ... so listen to my very dirty thoughts!

Make no mistake - these are real thoughts, and in some cases real experiences. Consider my imagination at your disposal,direct from the inner-core of me…my heart and other warm, provocative places. They come from deep inside my soul.

I’ll send them to you one time each month.

I know from personal experience, that having something to look forward to, is worth more than all the gold or diamonds in the world! Knowing that you will enjoy reading them as much as I think of you while writing and recording them, makes it almost too hot to bear!

For a total of $100 for the year, you’ll receive 11 more of the most intense, provocative, real stories …stories I’ve been Bra Showingholding inside for a long while, and you've already sampled the first one!

The fact that I’ve found you, is a huge success! It’s about time I’m able to let these out, and share them with someone that will appreciate them, love them, and want to read, hear and look at them over and over.

You have no idea how hot it is for me, just knowing that you can continue listening, viewing my videos and reading my ‘innermost thoughts.’ It'll be my pleasure to continue to service you. These 'stories,' along with the audio and video pieces, will be sent directly to your email of choice.

One more thing I thought you should know... every photo I show you,... is of Me. I take the pictures myself. I only snap what I think you'd like to see. As I get to know you a bit more, I'll show you different sides of me.

I'd be so much more free, if it was You behind the lens! To be able to use both of my hands, while pulling off a piece of my clothing, or yours- would be so liberating! Again,... what a turn-on!

Being Wicked is SO much Fun!!!

and Oh, ... SO delicious…


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