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Let Your Imagination Run Free ... Come With Me.

My name is Serena, and I love to flirt with my ' dirty thoughts.'

I’m the woman that fills the space in your mind, that’s saved for your private fantasy thoughts ...

…whether you’re at work, or by yourself lying in bed,

or … while you’re with another woman.

Yes- I can step right in!

I can be anyone your imagination desires! ‘Your partner’s wife’, ‘the dancer at the Quiet Club,’ the ‘girl next door,’ maybe even ‘the woman whom you’ve never been formally introduced to, but see every day.’

Imagine me in any place, - maybe a beach, a club, … your bed …

Dressed in your favorite lingerie, silky, sheer, maybe a dress with nothing underneath?

I can be Brazilian, Italian, American …

You may love being with a tall woman with long legs, or shorter woman with large breasts, anything… anything you want.

We all have the same Bottom Line. If you get turned on by me? You have no idea, how turned on I get just by knowing that!

The more turned on you make me, the more I’ll tell and show you.

A w icked and sexy women ... wanting men of means!

I have moments in my day, when I stop doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and I find myself remembering a favorite moment. One that’s more delicious than any piece of cream pie, juicier than any piece of sucking candy… a ‘bad girl' memory that sustains me, sexually … until the next time.

Those moments are my sustenance. They’re fantasies that get me through the day.

This is one that stands out in my mind, my man of means.

April 2011

I worked with a guy, in a finance company on Wall Street. We saw each other every day. Our offices were across the hall from each other. He was so funny! He really made me laugh out loud every day!

I didn’t think much more about him, as I was involved with someone else at the time, but he certainly made it fun to come to work.

Giggling, while watching him on the phone, I looked at him a bit more closely one day, sort of with a tilt of my head

… and thought back to my sexy thoughts ...

Women in Robe